It is not recommended that residents stay in their Sea Colony homes during a hurricane. If the emergency response authorities announce a mandatory evacuation, please comply. Whether you choose to stay or go please refer to the suggestions for a “Get-and-Go Bag” on the Sea Colony website. The items listed below may be useful if you choose to shelter-in-place (stay home). Remember to gather these items well ahead of time because some may not be available last minute. Do not go outside during the storm. If the hurricane forecast is rated at or higher than a category 3, expect to need much more than a 3-day supply of food, water, medicine, etc.

___ Please let your family and neighbors know where you are and how to communicate with you. Texting may work when phone service is lost

___ Refer to Sea Colony’s checklist on how to prepare your home (includes preparing your refrigerator)

___ Bottled water one gallon per person per day; three-day minimum (Fill bathtub with water to use for cleaning, but not drinking)

___ Food, three-day minimum of non-perishable and ready to eat (such as canned meats and vegetables, granola or protein bars, nuts, peanut butter, non-salted crackers, bread, cereal, non-perishable milk, canned juice, apples (last longer than many fruits), and a few treats like cookies. The electricity will most likely be off for days, possibly weeks. You may want to prepare an ice chest with fresh fruits, vegetables, or drinks. (A top loading washing machine can be used as a temporary ice chest.) Do not forget a manually (not electric) can opener.

___ If you take medications, be sure to have an ample supply

___ First aid kit and mosquito/bug repellent

___ Flashlight, extra batteries, LED camp lanterns (no candles or potential fire items)

___ Radio battery powered or hand cranked for NOAA updates and tone alerts

___ Moist towelettes, garbage bags, paper towels, and other hygiene items

___ Tools to turn off utilities (water, electricity, etc.)

___ Plastic sheeting, duct tape, hammer, nails, etc. in case of damage to your home

___ A loud whistle to signal for help

___ Fire extinguisher

___ Pet food and medicines if needed

___ Charge your cell phone (can also do with car charger when electric is off in home)

___ Secure import family documents, insurance papers, wills, etc. in a portable waterproof container. (A dishwasher may be used as a waterproof container, but not portable)

___ Books, games, cards, etc. it can be boring with no electricity for several days

___ If you have a propane grill or a generator have a supply of fuel. Do not use either inside your home

___ Fill cars with gas (may be a shortage after the hurricane) and supplies needed if you are forced to evacuate

___ Have your Get-and-Go Bag ready to go in case of an emergency

___ Emergency funds (cash or travelers checks in case stores cannot use credit cards)

___ If you have a 2 story home you may want to move things upstairs in case of flooding. In a 3 story home, stay on the second floor. Wind in a hurricane becomes stronger as you rise in height. A windowless room is safer than one with windows.